Made of Money

This Presidents’ Day (when you may be thinking about hitting some of the sales anyway), we would like to celebrate with something actually made of money! This intriguing item, a relief bust of George Washington made from actual U.S. currency, came into our collection in 1899 and belongs to a slightly odd class of tourist… More Made of Money

Valentine’s Day, 1919

Presented today is an amusing gem from the Delaware Historical Society’s vault of rare pamphlets. Thirty Second News is a potpourri of outspoken articles concerning WWI, comic strips, and a smattering of french language references. It has a sharp wit very representative of the era in which it was made. It was published in February, 1919.… More Valentine’s Day, 1919

Remembering World War I

Newspaper clips from one hundred years ago this week are provided along with the service records of Pvt. Harvey H.C. Barker and Sgt Albert Vincent Cyr  and a photo of John Blanski of the 59th Pioneer Infantry. / Origin of this blog segment: Why this blog? That we may not forget those who have… More Remembering World War I

Shipwrecks, Sea Stories & Legends of the Delaware Coast

Several dramatic tales of shipwrecks, tragedy, trauma, ghosts, and seafaring are presented in our highlighted book this week. The authors of this easy-to-read, 171 page book are David J. Seibold and Charles J. Adams. The book was published in 1989. Numerous images of ships, buildings, and seascapes are provided at the end of the book.… More Shipwrecks, Sea Stories & Legends of the Delaware Coast

Remembering World War I

We explore the Sunday Star newspaper of the first week in February, 1916 today, along with the service records of Lt. William Thomas Turner (pictured), Pvt. Frank Toro, and Quartermaster Richard Coyle Hasinger, soldiers from Delaware who fought in World War I. / About this blog series: Why this blog? That we may not… More Remembering World War I

The Delaware Scene

Today we explore a unique book with artwork and descriptions of towns in Delaware by artist Jack Lewis. This second edition of”The Delaware Scene” was published in 1940. It contains several color plates, dozens of sepia plates and offers the artist’s viewpoint of each painting– what human interest it contains, aspects of the  pictorial composition,… More The Delaware Scene