“The Sentimental Forget-Me-Not Songster”

We highlight a tiny treasure of poetry from the Delaware Historical Society’s literarities this week. Measuring just 4 1/2 inches long with 256 pages, The Sentimental Forget-Me-Not Songster is a charming representative of 19th century sensibilities and romanticism. Our selections from Songster are Life on An Ocean Wave; Gypsy King and Gypsy Bride; I Love The Stream;… More “The Sentimental Forget-Me-Not Songster”

Remembering World War I – July 18th 1915

Soldiers Francis Scott Magu, Horace W. Grimes and Frank M. Banks are remembered today. The newspaper references Delaware’s Whipping Post, German UBoats, Italy’s Zeppelins, Hindenburg’s assault on Warsaw and the findings regarding the sinking of the Lusitania.   Remembering WWI:    https://dhsbookswwi.wordpress.com/remembering-world-war-i-at-the-delaware-historical-society/

WWI: Wilmington’s Sunday Star describes horrors of death by gas fumes, battle scarred churches, and priests serving as soldiers in Europe.

Italian-American Soldiers Charles John Bonafacino and Roco Martino and Greek American soldier Harry J. Photis are remembered below.   About this blog: https://dhsbookswwi.wordpress.com/remembering-world-war-i-at-the-delaware-historical-society/