A Day Without History

Arts organizations used to sponsor A Day Without Art once a year to demonstrate what society would be missing if we didn’t have art. And, I must say, it was pretty effective. So I wondered what it would be like to go through a day without history. Here’s what I think a day would be like in my historyless life.

When I got up this morning I went right to my computer as I always do for important news. I read “Leaking Oil Well Filled with Mud.” Now how stupid is that? Why didn’t they just drop a big dome over it and suck the oil up through the top? I saw that the Supreme Guess was unable once again to rule on whether women should have the right to vote. Four judges sort of liked the idea. Four didn’t and one couldn’t make up her mind. They’ll wonder about it for a few years more and maybe something will come to them. I looked briefly at the stock market numbers, and they were big! I saw 10,466 and 17,305 and 3,000,000. I only have 2 arms, 10 fingers, 10 toes and a few hundred hairs on my head, but the stock market has huge numbers. That must be good – right? At work, we discussed the pros and cons of the two candidates running for Senate. We ultimately decided that the Democrat would be a better choice because she was pretty and had a nice voice, and the Republican was overweight and talked slow. I always wished we had more to go for those kinds of decisions. My team and I are working on a big project to determine what kinds of energy will be the best for America in the future. So each day we bring in a different Taro Card reader. In Phase II we’re going for astrologers, to make sure we have covered all the bases. And speaking of the bases, did you see Ryan Howard’s home run this afternoon? Wonder if he has ever done that before, don’t you?

– Greg –

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