The Beautiful Gloria Warren

The Golden Age of Hollywood conjures images of glamorous women and montages of sweeping epic films. But we wondered—what might life have really been like for an aspiring performer of the time? The story of one young Wilmingtonian provides a glimpse into this world.

Gloria Warren, born Gloria Weiman in Wilmington in 1926, was the daughter of a Russian father and Hungarian mother. She attended David Harlan Grammar School and Warner Junior High School. When Gloria was 13, her mother took her to audition for radio producer Charles Martin. After hearing her sing, dance, and play piano, Martin believed that Warren had a future in show business. The family made the move to California within a year.

At age 15, Warren signed a seven-year contract with Warner Brothers. The movie company hoped that in doing so, they could rival the success of MGM’s star, Deanna Durbin. In 1942, Gloria Warren appeared in her first film, Always in My Heart, which also starred Kay Francis and Walter Huston. In fact, a premier of the movie was held right here at a newly renovated Queen Theater. While in town for the event, Gloria made several appearances including a radio interview at WILM, a visit to Fort DuPont to dine with soldiers, a tour of the News-Journal Company offices, and a fashion show at the Wilmington Junior Miss Shop.  Certainly a busy schedule for a young starlet!

Warren also talked about her new life in Hollywood. Still in school, she reported that her studies took up about three hours each day. When asked what she planned to do with the money she earned, she replied, “I got a fur coat with part of it. It’s the one thing I always wanted. I had to coax and coax to get it, but I did at last. I’m just crazy about it. Most of the money is put in a trust for me.”  Her mother also talked about keeping a close watch on her daughter’s eating and sleeping schedule, stating that, “She [Gloria] gets two baked potatoes a week and no other starches. I keep sweets away from the house too. I see that she gets ten hours sleep every night. I’m afraid it will be a long time before she really sees much of Hollywood.”

In 1946, Gloria married Hollywood business man Peter Gold. She went on to appear in other films throughout the 1940s including Cinderella Swings It (1943), Don’t Gamble with Strangers (1946), Dangerous Money (1946), and Bells of San Fernando (1947).

Gloria Warren and other Delaware actors, musicians, and artists will be featured in our upcoming exhibit, Steppin’ Out: Under the Stars opening April 1. Join us as we celebrate the history and glamour of local nightlife and the opening of World Café Live at the Queen Theater!

See you there!


12 thoughts on “The Beautiful Gloria Warren

  1. Gloria Warren,despite the few films he played,was much admired and known in Brazil,especially the memorable performance in “Always in My Heart “(Sempre em Meu Coração),1942-Warner.with Kay Francis and Walter Huston.This beauty movie musical,brings back good memories…memories of good music,women elegants,the fine young men and ballad that that do not return more. The theme song “Always in My Heart”,had it release in Brazil,in the voice of Orlando Silva. I would be very happy to hear notices of Miss Gloria;the God bless you today and forever. Katryne,congratulations by page.Happy 2012 to you and

    1. Thank you for your comment! I had no idea about Ms. Warren’s popularity in Brazil. I haven’t heard Orlando Silva’s version of “Always in My Hear,” but I will be sure to look for it. Thanks again for stopping by our blog.

  2. hi. my grandparents may have known Gloria Warren back in the 1940’s. They are deceased, but i recently discovered personalized autographs to my grandparents from Gloria. I am trying to contact her, but can not find any information of how to reach her. Any leads to her whereabouts or contact info? thanks, Russell

    1. Hello Russell, and thank you for your comment. What a wonderful treasure you found! I do not have any contact information for Ms. Warren. We attempted to find her at the time this exhibit opened last year, but had no luck. Thank you for stopping by our blog–I hope you’ll continue to visit!

  3. I may have a lead (unless you have already tried it) to Gloria’s current whereabouts. I checked on Hollywood businessman Peter Gold, whom she married and then left films. He died in 2010, but in his obit is mentioned his being survived by his wife of 63 years, Gloria. There is a school named after the Golds on Wilshire Blvd., and also the student center at Pitzer College. I found a listing for Gloria W Gold in The White Pages, also on Wilshire Blvd. I’m assuming the W stands for Warren. Here is the listing: Gloria W Gold
    (310) 474-7913
    10601 Wilshire Blvd, Apt 404
    Los Angeles, CA 90024-4519
    Age: 65+
    Associated: Peter S Gold

  4. Thank you for the information! Due to the devastating storm that hit our Jersey Shore area last year (Superstorm Sandy on 10/29/12) i put this and a few other things on hold, but i am going to try to reach out to her within the next week! Hopefully the contact info is still good and i appreciate it! I will let the blog here knows what happens about the autograph she signed for my grandparents back in the 40’s! thanks! Russell

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