Tracks of Time: Photographs of Trains by Bob Malone

Florida bound Champion rides through a snow storm. 1960s

As a teenager in the late 1940s, Bob Malone combined his love of railroads with a keen eye and sense of history as he embarked on a life-long passion photographing rail cars.  Devoting hours traveling to and waiting near tracks for the perfect moment, and countless hours in his dark room, Malone’s dual passions came to light.  A recent gift to the Society’s library, the Malone Collection includes railroad images from Delaware and neighboring states (1947-mid 1990s), along with views of jet airliners.  Represented in the current library exhibit is an extraordinary look at the cars, stations and routes of railroad history in New Castle County.  Even though some of the lines and cars have been long-retired, his images bring this portion of Delaware history to life once again.   This new collection reinforces how one person working thoughtfully for years can leave a legacy of memory and understanding which benefits all of us. 

To check out more of his photography, please click on


 The library exhibit area is located in Willingtown Square at 512 N. Market Street.  It is open free to the public Monday through Friday.    For more information contact us at:  or call us at 302-655-7161.

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