This Morning in History, 1898: Santiago bombarded, bravery at sea

In what will hopefully be a series of blog posts, This Morning in History highlights notable headlines from our library’s newspaper collection, which was recently cataloged. A randomly selected historical newspaper with today’s date was pulled, and here is what we found:

The Sun (Wilmington, Del.), v. 1, no. 258, Monday July 11, 1898


Major news:

The bombardment of Santiago continued following the Battle of Santiago de Cuba in the Spanish-American War. Whispers of peace negotiations circulated but uncertainty was still in the air, which is evident from the conflicting headlines “Resolution is impending” and “Sagasta’s denial.”





Fire broke out aboard the Delaware, a small steamer just off the coast of New Jersey near High Bar Harbor. Delaware natives A.D. Ingraham and Clayton Platt performed heroically as they manned the ship until a rescue vessel arrived. This only days after the tragic sinking of the SS La Bourgogne, in which hundreds perished and the ship’s crew failed her passengers.



Local news:

Words of warning on the dangers of imperialism, inspired by a speech given at the Grace M.E. Church by Chief Justice Lore. The speech related to the effects of the Spanish-American War at home, but the message is still relevant today.




And finally, trends of the town. What could be more beautiful than ruched lavender gauze?


– Joelen

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