1894 : Donations from the Estate of Arthur H. Grimshaw

On October 15, 1894 the Historical Society of Delaware received a donation from the will of the late Colonel Arthur H. Grimshaw. Arthur Grimshaw (1824-1891), Colonel of the 4th Delaware Regiment during the Civil War, bequeathed a number of items to the Society. His donation included both Civil War paraphernalia and a portrait. Arthur Grimshaw left the society his sword, sash, and spurs presented to him by the non-commissioned officers of the 4th Delaware Regiment.

Colonel Arthur H. Grimshaw
Colonel Arthur H. Grimshaw

He also left the society a portrait of his father William Grimshaw (1782-1852). William Grimshaw was born in Ireland in 1782, the eighth child of Nicholas and Mary Grimshaw. William and his wife Harriet immigrated to the United States, settling first in Philadelphia in 1815. Together they had 11 children. He remarried after Harriet’s death, and fathered 2 more children with his second wife Maria.

William Grimshaw wrote widely on different historical topics and published numerous works. Some of his most popular titles are the History of the United States, from their first settlement as colonies, to the cession of Florida in 1821, published in 1826, and The Life of Napoleon with the History of France, published in 1830.

William Grimshaw was originally buried in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. His family had his grave moved to Wilmington, Delaware where he was reinterred at the Old Swedes Churchyard.

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