1898 : “The Paper was Rather Long”

At the Society’s  regular monthly meeting, held on January 17, 1898, more than fifty people gathered. While twenty people were regular active members of the society an additional thirty or more visitors attended the meeting.  Why? To hear a rather long paper. Actually, fifty-eight typewritten pages in length on the topic of Jacob and Peter Alricks.

The lengthy and thoroughly researched paper, written by Edward Price, was heard by members of the Historical Society of Delaware and by many Alricks (or Alrichs) descendants. Edward Price was from Media, Pennsylvania and an avid researcher. His paper for the evening was devoted to the study of the Alricks family and New Amsterdam. According to the meeting notes Jacob Alricks left Holland in December 1656 with the intention on serving as the director of the New Amsterdam colony in Delaware. He left on the vessel the Prince Maurice which was separated from the fleet and overtaken in a storm. After an arduous journey and a stop in New York, Jacob Alrick arrived in Delaware in April 1657. Jacob Alricks served as director and commissioner of Fort Casmir near New Amstel, now New Castle. New Amstel was also inhabited by Peter Alricks, Jacob’s nephew.

Edward Price’s paper was well received by those in attendance. His research paper, noted as “careful and diligent,” was referred to the publications committee. He was thanked by everyone in attendance for giving such a thoughtful,  although rather long, paper.

Map of New Amesterdam
Map of New Amsterdam

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