1903 : Staying Put at First Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church

In 1903 the 25 year lease was due to expire for the First Presbyterian Church, the current site of the Historical Society of Delaware. The First Presbyterian Church was founded in 1737 and was located at the southeast corner of 10th and Market Streets.  The original lease contained a provision for an extension of ten years. It was decided at the April 20th meeting that:

“Resolved. That the Historical Society of Delaware does hereby ask and request the First Presbyterian congregation of the borough of Wilmington to sign and execute a new lease to the old church building now occupied by the said Historical Society for a period of ten years from March 25, 1903, in accordance to the terms of the lease made January 29, 1878.”

The terms of the lease were accepted after “a number of interviews and considerable correspondence.” The new lease was finally made and executed on May 20, 1903. The new 10 year lease required a yearly monthly rent of $150, payable in two semi-annual payments of $75 beginning on September 25, 1903.

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