1921: Who was visiting the Historical Society of Delaware?

After moving out of Presbyterian Church and purchasing Old Town Hall, the Historical Society of Delaware was struggling. The events of World War I, the utilization of Old Town Hall by the Red Cross, the influenza pandemic, and the overall absence of society records are puzzling. We are missing records relating  to the Historical Society of Delaware in these years. The absence of records raises the following question – who was visiting the Society?

The visitor register entries from 1915 and 1916 paint a picture of an active society. The register shows us that Delawareans and other individuals from the mid-Atlantic were utilizing the library frequently in these years. For example, in October 1916 the Society had 29 different individuals visit the library from Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Washington D.C., and Indiana.

1921 - Visitors Log
Page 20 from the DHS Visitors Register for 1916

Previously, the Historical Society of Delaware kept fastidious records on who visited the society. The register reveals the names, addresses, and dates of visits to the society. However, in 1921 visits to the Society are non-existent; in fact, the visitor register does not contain any entries between 1917 and 1928. In 1921 we know very little about the day-to-day events of the Society and there is a great deal of silence in all of the records relating to the Historical Society of Delaware.

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