1923: Where is the Historical Society of Delaware?

Between leaving First Presbyterian Church and before moving into Old Town Hall there is a bit of confusion about the location of the Historical Society of Delaware. If we turn to Wilmington’s City directories for these years, we can piece together part of the puzzle (but not all of it).

Where was the Society? The location shifted in these years. The Society left the Presbyterian Church in 1916. After leaving that address, the Wilmington City Directory lists the Historical Society of Delaware as being on Parkway near West. That address may be referring to South Park Drive and North West Street. However, in 1923 the question of the Society’s location becomes even more puzzling.  The Wilmington City Directories from 1923 to 1927 list the location as 604 Equitable Building. This Equitable Building, located at 9th and Market Streets, accommodated many offices and businesses. It also housed the law office of the Historical Society President, George A. Elliot. However, George Elliot’s office was on the 2nd floor of the Equitable Building – not the 6th floor. Perhaps we were renting a space in the building?

Between the years of 1928 and 1929 the City Directory does not even list a location for the Historical Society of Delaware. What does that mean? The other question that remains is – where were the collections at this time? If the Society was struggling to maintain a permanent home, one also wonders where the collections were being housed, if they were being moved, or what else?

The vagueness of the records and the shifting location of the society make it difficult to determine just exactly the location of the Historical Society of Delaware. 1923 - Map

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