1925: A Strong Arm Continues

In 1925, the Old Town Hall Association was formed to provide financial support for the preservation and use of Old Town Hall. Colonel George Armstrong Elliott, who is highlighted in our 1914 blog, was continuing to guide the Historical Society of Delaware as President at this time. He would remain a steady steward for the Society during the balance of the 1920’s as well as through the tumultuous 1930’s.   A biography of Elliott was written by Richard S. Rodney and published in volume XI of Delaware History, the Society’s scholarly journal.  A lifelong Delawarean, Elliott served on the military staffs of three Governors of Delaware.  For this service, he received his military title.  At least two important changes at the Historical Society are attributed to Elliot. Before his presidency, women who supported or served the Society in some capacity were termed “associates” instead of full members. Colonel Elliott dissolved any distinction of affiliation due to gender. Also, after Old Town Hall was fully occupied in 1929, an elaborate fireproofed room was installed to protect the irreplaceable documents and artifacts in the Society’s possession. Colonel Elliott was the primary catalyst and financial contributor for the installation of the fireproofed room.  Colonel Elliott retired in 1940 at the age of 86 and was made honorary President for the remaining three years of his life.

Geo A Elliott

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