1946: The Inaugural Publication of Delaware History

In 1946 the Historical Society of Delaware celebrated a great accomplishment, the inaugural publication of Delaware History. Charles L. Reese, the editor, issued the following foreword in the publication:

“In launching this new publication the Historical Society of Delaware has several aims. It is hoped that a magazine devoted solely to the history of Delaware will quicken and broaden the interest of the people of this state in their common heritage. That heritage is rich and varied and it deserves to be better known than it is today.”

This first issue of Delaware History contained articles, reprints of historical documents, and news notes from the Society. The article “John Dickinson, President of the Delaware State, 1781-1782” by J.H. Powell was published in the first issue. The paper had previously been presented at the annual meeting of the Society. The issue also contained transcriptions of letters, diaries, and manuscripts in the collections of the Historical Society of Delaware. Charles Reese wrote that by transcribing these materials (which Reese aptly described as “treasures”) more scholars would be able to access historical materials.

First Issue Cover

Delaware History was intended to be published biannually. By publishing a magazine dedicated exclusively to the history of Delaware it was hoped new scholarship would “stimulate the study and writing of this state’s history.”

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