1947: 169 New Items for the Society’s Collections

The Historical Society of Delaware was busy adding new items to the collection during 1947. It was reported there were 169 collection additions to the library during the year. Many of these items filled in gaps in the collection and included pamphlets, books, reference materials, deeds, maps, and manuscripts.

Pierre S. DuPont donated works from Gentieu. Example of a Gentieu work, “Lower Hagley Powder Mills”

There were several notable donations include materials from Pierre S. DuPont, rare books, and materials from the Chester County Historical Society. Pierre S. DuPont donated the Gentieu Collection of 354 photographic plates and prints of Wilmington from 1880-1910. It was reported the photographic plates were all listed, labeled, and dated in wooden chest. W.W. Smithers sent 11 books from his library, including a rare book Translation of Horace and Original Poems (1796). These poems contained allusions and information related to Delaware. The Chester County Historical Society sent church and school material, Delaware Agricultural Society reports, and several books and newspapers. These are just a few examples of some materials received by the Historical Society.

The librarian, Gertrude Brincklé, also requested that members of the Society help save old documents and Delaware material of historic interest from destruction. She made a request for additional books, pamphlets, and deeds the predate 1820. She also requested individuals preserve furniture and utensils, made in Delaware, for the museum. The Historical Society of Delaware had its eye on preserving and collecting Delaware history in the years to come.

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