1967: Renovations to Old Town Hall Move Towards Completion

The Society’s extensive Old Town Hall restoration project enters a new phase as work moves from the exterior to the interior of the building. Having previously decided to do all of the interior restoration under one general contract, the Society is now faced with having to raise additional funds in order to complete the project as planned. Fortunately, an offer of $37,500 from Henry DuPont comes to the rescue, on condition that the Society raise the matching funds before the end of the year.

A fund drive was formally announced to the membership at the April 18th Annual Meeting and by November, the President was able to report that it had gone well enough that the full scope of the project was expected to be substantially completed by the end of the year. At the Annual Dinner Meeting on November 14, 1967, the Society’s President formally thanked all present and reported that:

“The restoration of our Society’s headquarters at the Old Town Hall is proceeding on schedule. It appears that the building will soon be available for us. The interior has been restored to reflect as closely as possible the interior of the hall as it appeared when it was opened in 1799. Those, who have seen it, are loud in their praise of the beauty of the rooms in regard to their proportions and their color décor. The lightness and spaciousness of the late 18th century architecture is once more underscored by this restoration.”

Old Town Hall interior 2
The interior of the Old Town Hall, 2014

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