1968: A Newly Restored Old Town Hall Re-Opens its Doors

As the Vietnam War raged, America’s Space Program kicked into high gear, and the Beatles topped the charts, the Historical Society finally celebrated the completion of its four-year-long Old Town Hall renovation project. Those who had contributed financially to the project were invited to an exclusive preview on March 31, 1968 and, in April, the Society was once again able to hold its 104th Annual Meeting in the building after several years of wandering. The meeting included a special program presented by consulting architectural historian, C. Lee Nelson, on the history of the building and high-lights of the project.

Despite this initial triumphant beginning, the Society still found itself beset by growing pains and the pressing need for more space. This lack of space forced a renewal of the lease on the temporary quarters at 509 North Market Street for another year as the Society once again considered acquiring the Old Customs House on King Street for use as a library and staff offices.

Another pressing concern for the year was how to re-open the freshly-renovated Old Town Hall as a public museum on a full-time basis. The Board of Directors wrestled with this problem for the remainder of the year, but remained hopeful for the future, noting that “efforts should be made to accomplish such expanded use in future years or as soon as the Society’s income permitted such use.”

Old Town Hall
Old Town Hall from Market Street

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