1977: Delaware Genealogical Society Founded

The study of genealogy burst into popularity in the mid 1970s, stimulated in great measure by the publication in 1976 of Alex Haley’s novel Roots, as well as the interest in Revolutionary ancestors spurred by the Bicentennial.  Here in Delaware, the Delaware Genealogical Society (DGS) was founded at the Delaware Historical Society in 1977.  It began with about 40 members, and now has about 300 members.  The connection between the two organizations remains strong.

Since 1977, DGS has held hundreds of meetings, presented numerous workshops, published a journal, newsletter, and books, offered bus trips to libraries, and helped countless people find their ancestors.  Along the way, an active community has formed, for genealogists are all friendly and willing to help others.  All of this work has been done by volunteers putting in countless hours, for DGS does not have a paid staff—it has been a labor of love and service.

DGS does not have its own office, but uses the Society as a home base.  Many board meetings, program meetings, and workshops have been held at the Society’s facilities.  One recent high point is the workshop on African American genealogy held in September 2012, which led to the creation of the Delaware Chapter of the Afro American Historical and Genealogical Society.

DGS supports the Society’s Research Library through donations of books and equipment.  Most important currently is the volunteer assistance that allows the Research Library to be open on the third Saturday of the month.  DGS volunteers assist the Society’s librarians and offer genealogical assistance to those who need it.  If you’re just getting started in genealogy or have hit a brick wall, come in on a third Saturday and chat with one of the volunteers—they’ll help you find your way.

For more information on the Delaware Genealogical Society, visit http://www.delgensoc.org.

Delaware Families, 1787-1800, published by Delaware GenealogicalSociety
Delaware Families, 1787-1800, published by Delaware GenealogicalSociety

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