1978: The Society Remembers Marguerite du Pont Boden

At the annual meeting in April 1978, the Society passed a resolution in honor of Marguerite du Pont Ortiz Boden (1907-1977), a board member since 1974.  Mrs. Boden’s passion for history, genealogy, and historic preservation, combined with her philanthropic generosity, provided great benefit to the community.

As a genealogist, Mrs. Boden was active in many genealogical, family, and hereditary organizations.  Her interest in history led her to fund the publication of three diaries by the Delaware Historical Society in 1976: Plantation Life at Rose Hill: the Diaries of Martha Ogle Forman, 1814-1845 (now out of print), Diaries of Phoebe George Bradford, 1832-1839, and Mount Harmon Diaries of Sidney George Fisher, 1837-1850.  She also worked to help preserve early Anglican churches, for which she was named an officer of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John in Jerusalem in 1972 by Queen Elizabeth II.

But her greatest treasure was Mount Harmon Plantation in Earleville, Maryland.  Mrs. Boden’s ancestors had owned it in the late 1700s-early 1800s, and she fulfilled a personal dream when she purchased it in 1963 and restored it to the period of her ancestors’ ownership.  Mrs. Boden lived there for a number of years, then opened it to the public by giving it to the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  Mount Harmon is currently owned by the Friends of Mount Harmon and remains open to the public.

Marguerite du Pont Boden
Marguerite du Pont Boden

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