1987: Society celebrates completion of infill addition and bicentennial of Constitution

The Society’s renovation projects of the 1980s continued with the construction of an infill addition between the research library and the Dingee and Ferris houses. This project, which was completed in the spring of 1987, created modern restrooms with handicapped access, a new kitchen for special events, and a lobby for receptions and small exhibits in built-in wall cases. A reception to celebrate the opening of the addition was held on April 8 after the Society’s annual meeting. Attendees of the event also got a tour of the newly completed, climate-controlled, collections storage in the basement of the research library located under Willingtown Square.

Completed infill addition
Completed infill addition

1987 also marked the bicentennial of the United States Constitution. To mark the occasion, the Society launched an exhibit in Old Town Hall titled, “Life in Delaware in the 1780s.” The exhibit told the story of daily life for eighteenth-century Delawareans by featuring three “typical” citizens—a poor farmer, a middle-class miller, and a wealthy landowner. The exhibit also highlighted the state’s political contributions to the Constitution from its participation in the convention in Philadelphia to its role as the first state to ratify the new document of government.

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