1997: A New Addition to the Delaware History Museum

In 1997, the Society added a whole new dimension to the Delaware History Museum with the opening of its History Discovery Center. The project, sponsored by MBNA, aimed to create a children’s play/activity area on the second floor of the History Museum to provide a different kind of museum experience for children and families. Classrooms received colorful new wall murals and Grandma’s Attic, a new “please touch” play space, was born. Grandma’s Attic featured a play kitchen area from the 1940s, a general store, puppet theater, and an 1890s parlor, along with various trunks of clothes, toys, books, games, and puzzles from yester-year.

Grandma’s Attic and the new Discovery Center opened to the public on November 1st with a Family Fun Day sponsored by MBNA that included pumpkin painting, a visit from a storyteller, playtime with puppets, and various activities in Grandma’s Attic. Some of the high-lights of the event were posing for souvenir photos in costumes from the Grandma’s Attic trunks and a special tour of the Old Town Hall jail cells for a spooky Halloween flavor. This would also be the year for another successful launch, only this one would be virtual as the Society entered cyberspace with a new web page in October.

Grandmas attic
Young Visitors Enjoying the General Store in Grandma’s Attic

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