2008: What’s in a Name—or a Color—or a Logo

As the Society continued to move into the new millennium, it wanted to remain relevant in a changing world through its collections, exhibitions, and programs.  Equally important, it also wanted the public to know that it was a lively organization that had something to offer them.  In an era that places more and more emphasis on image and presentation, this led to a rebranding project. The existing colors and design seemed, well, old.

A joint staff and board committee worked with public relations firm AB&C to sort everything out.  This included colors, logo, graphic design, and even the Society’s name.  After much discussion, the Society’s current colors, logo, and design template were agreed upon.  The new look, in blue and gold, is clean and modern.  And the Society took the big step of changing its name.  Historical Society of Delaware sounded just too stodgy and old fashioned in the 21st century.  Delaware Historical Society, in contrast, is direct and puts the focus on Delaware, which is where it belongs.

But Delaware Historical Society isn’t entirely new.  Looking over materials on the Society from the past, even the distant past, one can see both names used, sometimes in the same article. What’s most important, though, is that from 1864 to today, no matter what its name, the Society has been dedicated to collecting, preserving, and sharing Delaware’s history for the benefit of the community.

Newsletter Mastheads Past and Present
Newsletter Mastheads Past and Present

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