Improvement of the Mind and Letters of Advice

This week we showcase a tiny (13cm x 7cm) curiosity published in New York in 1826. This book features three authors. The first, Mrs. Chapone, whose first name is mysteriously omitted in the introduction,  penned her letters in 1773. Her writings are full of wisdom, optimism, and stewardship, directed as they are to her niece. They explore morality, religion, scripture, the ‘heart’ and affections, temper, economy, accomplishment, geography, and ‘reading history’. Similarly, Dr. Gregory’s letters cover marriage, religion, amusements, and behaviour. The final writer, Lady Pennington, provides advice to her daughters on themes of motherhood and her vision of the feminine character. All three essays are remarkable testaments of piety and earnestness. They were all written in the late 1700’s, well before the publication of this edition.


For additional images of this book as well as past posts of This Old Book, click

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