This Old Book of Poetry by the Milford Bard

“Come, heavenly Muse, my humble harp inspire,

And on its strings, O breathe thy melting fire”

This week, we revisit the expansive spirit of one of Delaware’s most eminent literary figures, the poet John Lofland, known affectionately as The Milford Bard.  Below are excerpts from his 1828 publication  The Harp of Delaware; or, The Miscellaneous Poems of the Milford Bard.  The table of contents are provided, which show the breadth of his interestsFor those who enjoy poetry, this bard of Delaware, although no longer so well known as he was in Jacksonian America , is still deserving of recognition. Considerable nuance, melancholy, and aspirant nobility permeate his thought.  The Harp of Delaware is 212 pages and is the physical size, roughly, of an apple 5s smart phone.  A sampling of poems from this tiny treasure appear below:

To the Duellist; What Is Charity; Ingratitude; Triumph of Genius; Bandits Cave; Hope; The Bride; What is Love; and Melancholy


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