WWI: Foreign Relations Situation Reported to be Improving by mid-September, 1915 According to Newspapers

Each week on this blog we explore the twists and turns of various countries as they position themselves in the First World War.  Newspaper accounts offer a direct way to navigate the evolution, the metathesis of WWI.  Rather than interpret developments for the viewer, we provide the headlines and relevant articles themselves, directly as they appear in The Sunday Star newspaper (aka the Delmarva Sunday Star).  We also include local news and miscellany to help gauge the spirit of the times and the Delmarva region.

Each week we also recognize at least three soldiers from the First State who put their lives on the line in defense of the United States and its Allies in the final years of the war. The Delaware Historical Society has thousands of military service records from World War I.  The memory of most of the soldiers in this blog has receded into the silent fog of time.  This should not be. In honoring these soldiers as individuals, as citizens, and as defenders, we honor ourselves, our country, and the values of self sacrifice and bravery which make a nation and its citizens great.

Excerpts from the September 19th, 1915 Sunday Star Newspaper:

Soldiers we salute this week are Corporal Elton Blake,  Private Aloysius Harris, and Engineer Ralph B. Allen :


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