Delaware School Yearbooks- A tour of the DHS collection

The Delaware Historical Society possesses an outstanding collection of original school yearbooks. Join us each Friday as we highlight a particular class from schools throughout the State of Delaware.

Our feature today is this blogger’s single favorite yearbook- Wilmington High School’s 1927 “Blue Chick“. Made at the height of “Roaring 20’s” zeitgeist, the ’27 Blue Chick, like most yearbooks, is perfectly reflective of the cultural spirit of the year of its creation. Perhaps the most charming aspect of a thoroughly charming yearbook are the aphorisms used by each student to describe themselves; their uniqueness and their philosophy, statements which usually reveal precocious insight and unflappable integrity.  The ’27 Blue Chick is from the era of Babe Ruth, T.S. Eliot, Aldous Huxley, Fritz Lang, Erik Satie, Cole Porter, Dada art, Ernest Hemingway,  Dorothy Day, Lewis Hine, Huey Long, Jazz, flappers, Greta Garbo, Valentino, Art Deco and F. Scott Fitzgerald who, it so happens, was living in Edgemoor, Delaware with his wife Zelda when this yearbook was made.  It was an era of black & white imagery; a “pre-color” world in our collective memory, one might say.

Images in this post can be magnified by clicking on the image, clicking again on  ‘view full size’ (bottom right in slide show) and clicking a third time on the tiny circle with a plus+ sign at your cursor when using laptop/computer.


About finding yearbooks in the DHS collection: Consult our online catalog ‘Ask Caesar’

and type the name of the high school in the ‘library catalog’ search bar.

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