Fallen Heroes

Our friends in the community have provided the Delaware Historical Society with many treasures and unique resources throughout our 175 years of existence. Today we spotlight a moving recent gift to the library collection by Timothy R. Wildey.  Approximately seven months ago, in late September, 2016, three courageous Delaware Firefighters lost their lives due to an intentionally set blaze at Canby Park Estates in southwest Wilmington, Delaware. A woman set the house on fire out of contempt for her step mother, who owned the home. The resulting fire caused the deaths of Christopher M. Leach, Jerry Fickes,  and Ardythe D. Hope and was classified as murder and arson. The tragedy was covered in national news. A memorial service was held for the victims at Wilmington’s Riverfront where Vice President Joe Biden made remarks.

Mr. Wildey’s gift to the DHS collection commemorates these three heroes in pictures, with the names of all firefighters who responded to the emergency, and with a timeline of what happened. Provided here are cropped images of some of Mr. Wildey’s pictures. Much larger photos appear in the original book. Stop in to look at this book in person if possible, or contact the author directly for a copy. Details of the story can be found with a simple google search.

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