Aloha from 1956 !

The Year is 1956. On the world stage, Nikita Khrushchev begins an anti-Stalinization process in the Soviet Union. West Germany bans the Communist Party.    Pakistan, the first Islamic Republic, is founded. The flag of the United States Army is formally dedicated. Fidel Castro lands in Cuba. Dwight Eisenhower is elected U.S. President. IBM invents the hard disc drive.

In the entertainment world,  Elvis Presley enters the U.S. music charts with his first hit “Heartbreak Hotel” and later sings “Hound Dog” on the Milton Berle show, scandalizing the audience with provocative dance moves; “My Fair Lady” opens on Broadway in NYC;  “The Ten Commandments” starring Charlton Heston as Moses and the musical “Oklahoma” are in movie theaters; Rocky Marciano retires from the boxing world undefeated; the Winter Olympics are taking place in Italy while the Summer Olympics take place first in Sweden and later in Australia.

Displayed here is a typical student body in Delaware in 1956. These images are from Seaford High School in Sussex County, Delaware. The yearbook is called “Aloha!”.  It reveals the dispositions and fashions of America’s youth in ’56.



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