Happy Birthday Dallas Green, Conrad High’s Most Famous Son.

Dallas Green, who passed away just a few months ago in March of this year,  managed the Philadelphia Phillies to a Major League Baseball World Series Championship in 1980.  Green was born on August 4th in 1934 in Newport, Delaware. He also went to school in the heart of Newport, at Conrad High School in the early 1950’s. Among the many yearbook treasures in the Delaware Historical Society’s Research Library are the 1951 and 1952 Conrad High School Yearbooks. This week, in honor of Green’s birthday, we tour the ’51 “Conradian”. As one would guess given Green’s colorful and outspoken personality, Dallas was very much the man about town in high school, as we see from the many photos he appears in. We’ll highlight the 1952 “Conradian” in two weeks.


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