The Best of Delaware, 1986

No currently published magazine better chronicles life, leisure, and culture in the State of Delaware than “Delaware Today”.  The Delaware Historical Society has close to an entire run of this iconic magazine in its library collection. Today we sample the July 1986 issue. A monster sub from the first Capriotti’s sandwich shop in the country, at 510 N. Union Street in Wilmington  (numerous Capriotti’s franchises are now in Nevada) and Miss Delaware, Lynn Taylor, are featured on the cover, followed by a survey of fan favorites in a variety of topics for 1986. For those of our readers who happened to be in Delaware in the mid-1980’s, the names and places are sure to bring back memories. Many of the popularity winners are still in existence, such as Kid Shelleen’s restaurant, the Delaware Theater Company, Dover Downs and Kreston’s Liquor Mart. A few, such as the beloved Three Little Bakers Dinner Theater, are not.

2 thoughts on “The Best of Delaware, 1986

  1. Thank you GP. That is a fascinating, and disquieting story. The eerie inappropriateness of the Ball reminds me of the PBS documentary ‘The Millennial Pope’ which described a carousel going round & round as the Nazi’s burned down a Jewish Ghetto near it, in Warsaw.

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