About This Morning Is History

The idea for This Morning is History sprang from our original blog, Making History 11:45. For Making History, we picked a time during the day (11:45 am) and asked members of our staff and community to comment about what history-making things they were up to at that time. While this was a good start, we realized that was there was more to the story.

With This Morning is History, we want to show that history isn’t just names, dates, and events that happened hundreds of years ago, it’s something that’s happening all the time as we go about our daily lives. The events of this morning are already a part of our collective history. The staff of the Delaware Historical Society wants to celebrate history in all its shapes and forms.

So this blog is a conversation–it’s a way for us to bring our history to you and for you to bring your history to us. Tell us about the significant events that are making history in your life on a daily basis by sharing your questions and feedback in the comments. You can also contact us at deinfo@dehistory.org.



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