Felton High School 1951

Felton is a small town in Kent County Delaware, just south of Dover. Our featured Delaware yearbook is the “Echo”, published by the school in 1951. Unlike modern yearbooks which usually have very sophisticated formats, we see in Felton’s “Echo” a folksy and simple presentation of the school’s student body and staff.

East Coast Reveries: Vacationing at the Beach, Cruising the Coast, and Railway Wanderings in 1912

Today we highlight an old marketing treasure in the DHS pamphlet collection from 1912. The Baltimore, Chesapeake and Altantic Railway Company teamed up with the Maryland, Delaware & Virginia Railway Company to entice one and all to vacation along the U.S. eastern seaboard. “School Days Are Over; Vacation is Here.”  

Yearbooks in Dover, Delaware: Delaware State College, 1972

The Delaware Historical Society possesses an outstanding collection of original yearbooks from schools throughout the State of Delaware. We present highlights from this collection on this blog. We encourage our readers to consider donating their Delaware school yearbooks to the DHS library where it will be preserved and made available to future generations of Delawareans. … More Yearbooks in Dover, Delaware: Delaware State College, 1972